Online Tax Remittance (including Estimated Taxes)

General Information

Increasingly, our clients are interested in making electronic tax remittances to the IRS instead of physical check remittances.  Electronic tax payment options are available for Balance Due Payments, Payment Plan Payments, and Estimated Tax Payments.  This section discusses electronic tax payments for Federal and State of Arkansas tax payments only.  There are too many states to discuss on this page but, in general, most states allow for electronic tax payment.

With all online tax payment options, specific information is required to correctly apply the payment.  Pay particular attention to questions about tax types and tax periods.  If you have questions, please email us and we will do our best to assist you.

Government websites are notoriously clumsy and confusing.  Despite the learning curve, most clients find electronic payments to be a better option than physical checks.  The ability to receive a confirmation of your transaction and view your payment history (for individuals with an account) helps to ensure compliance and piece of mind.  While relatively uncommon, payment by check sometimes results in instances of misapplied payments.  Considering security, opportunity for error, and tracking, electronic payments are becoming more and more popular.
Federal Tax Due

Balance Due Payments and Estimated Tax Payments for Federal Tax can be made a couple of ways:

EFTPS is the federal government tax processing website primarily handling payroll tax filings and remittances for businesses.  However, you can also use it for personal tax remittance.  We recommend this method for online payment of your Federal Tax Due and Estimated Tax Payments because there is a one-time setup which establishes your information.  Transaction history is available at any time. 
Simply go to and click ENROLL. 
The system will step you through the enrollment process.

IRS is the IRS website for making payments toward Tax Balances Due.  The site indicates Estimated Taxes may also be paid here.  You may use a Bank Account for direct pay or a Credit Card.  Fees do apply for Credit Card Transactions. 
To make payment(s), go to and read the informative page about payment types and options.
State of Arkansas

The State of Arkansas allows you to make payments toward Arkansas Tax Balance Due and Arkansas Estimated Taxes without setting up an account but setting up an account for an Individual Taxpayer is also an option. This website is called the Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point or ATAP.

Go to and click on INCOME TAXES (bottom right) and then MAKE INCOME TAX PAYMENT (bottom left).  The system will step you through the payment process.  Bank transfers do not incur a fee. Fees do apply for Debit and Credit Card payments.