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GMAIL Issues

This message is intended for all email recipients but the instructions below pertain to Gmail users.

Beginning in November 2022, clients began reporting they were not receiving email from us.  Almost exclusively, these recipients were Gmail users and the emails were discovered in the SPAM folder.


Here's how you can help ensure our emails come to your INBOX instead of the Spam folder:

  1. Check your SPAM folder located in the folder list on the left side of your Gmail screen.

  2. If you find an email from our office in your SPAM folder, please Click on the email to display the message.

  3. Then, Click the "Report Not Spam" button that should appear at the top of the email.

  4. Additionally, you can add us to your Contacts in Gmail by hovering the mouse over our email address at the top of the email.  When the pop out card appears, click the person-icon in the upper right of the card.  


Reporting email as "Not Spam" and adding our email address to your Contacts should ensure proper delivery of future emails to you.  


If your email provider is NOT Gmail and you have not received an expected email from us, please check your SPAM or JUNK folders depending on your provider.  While this issue has not been persistent with other providers, it is a possibility other providers may begin to route our email away from the inbox.

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