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Regina R Young CPA
certified public accountant

Regina is a 1986 graduate of the University of Arkansas.  After originally obtaining a bachelor's degree in Information Technology related studies, Regina soon returned to the U of A to get a Masters in Business and a second bachelors in Accounting.  While still in school, Regina co-founded a private practice Accounting Firm in 1990.  In 1992, she passed the CPA exam and has been growing her practice since that time.

Over the years, Regina has been able to focus her practice around accounting services that she enjoys.  While very active in all aspects and services the firm provides, Regina has particular expertise in Corporate Tax as well as complex Individual Tax.

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Taylor Hightower CPA
certified public accountant

Taylor is a 2016 graduate of the University of Arkansas with a Bachelors in Accounting.  She completed her Masters in Accounting in 2017 and earned her CPA license by the end of that same year.  Taylor was an intern for the firm for 3 years before joining full time in 2017.  She has significant experience in all the practice areas of our firm including Corporate and Individual Tax.

Lou has a long and successful career in the Accounting field.  From bookkeeping in small private companies to Director level positions in large regional corporations, Lou has a wide range of experience.  

Lou began her career in Public Accounting at this office over 15 years ago.  As a Staff Accountant, Lou serves as our expert in all matters related to Payroll and Payroll Taxes.  In addition to working with several of our clients on financials and payroll related functions, Lou is the internal Office Manager for Regina R Young CPA.

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Lou Mantegani
staff accountant

Ken is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with an Information Technology based  Bachelors Degree.  With beginnings in large corporate information technology, Ken later co-founded two IT services related companies.  Ken joined the firm (in what was intended to be a temporary role) in 2005 at a time of tremendous growth and change.

In addition to Staff Accounting functions, Ken serves as the Computer and Software expertise within the firm.  Having a broad IT background and range of IT skills, Ken can offer guidance on most small-business IT functions related to your accounting software, accounting systems, and workflow.

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Ken Young
IT and staff accountant

Internships are an important element of our firm.  In general, our Interns are college students or recent graduates of the University of Arkansas seeking early stage exposure to the Accounting Industry.  We enjoy sharing our expertise and being a part of the education process for these young and aspiring accounting professionals.

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Tax Therapy Dog

Luna joined the firm in the fall of 2015.  She has many theraputic qualities and shares with Clients and Staff alike.