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Regina R Young CPA offers a range of Accounting and Tax related services.  As a matter of practicality and efficiency, we have focused our offerings to meet the needs of our client base.  Often, our ultimate solution involves utilization of other providers that are better and more cost effective at certain tasks.  We look forward to visiting with you and helping you assess your needs.
Consult and Audit

We offer other consultative services beyond Tax and Accounting.  Software Training and Setup, Small Business Startup Consultation, Special Projects and Investigative Projects.


We do not perform Audit work.


We have extensive experience with Individual and Small Business Tax Preparation ranging from simple to complex.  We stress good tax planning and seek to have regular and ongoing communication regarding present and future tax matters.


Compiled Financials, Small Business Consulting are common accounting related functions we perform for our clients.  Some types of Accounting services are best delivered by other providers. Click on the info icon above for more discussion of our Accounting services.

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