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New Client Inquiries

If you are interested in becoming a new client, Thank You for considering us! 

We carefully monitor our ability to add new clients.  Our practice has been active and growing for over 25 years and are grateful to have many successful relationships with well established and long term clients.  We continue to grow but the pace is much more measured and thoughtful.  Typically, we pause new client consideration when scheduling or workload conditions present challenges.  A pause status may be in effect several weeks a year to several months a year.  We encourage you to connect via this website and we will let you know quickly if we do not have the capacity to help you.  Our goal is to be especially responsive to new client inquiries so you can be timely and efficient in finding the right provider.  

Business Client Inquiries: First and foremost, we want to fully understand the services you require and your expectations for how and when those services are to be provided.  We like to ask a few questions at the outset to help understand the scope of the potential engagement; the technology you use; and, your basic operational details.   

Personal Client Inquiries: Most personal clients are tax preparation oriented engagements.  We will have a few questions to better understand the scope of your needs but, in general, personal tax clients are easier to fit into our capacity planning.  

To make an inquiry about becoming a New Client, click the CONTACT button and send an email.  Please include a brief explanation of the types of services you are looking for and whether you have been referred by someone.  We will respond usually within 24 hours (except on weekends and holidays). 

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