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Download a Tax Organizer

Tax Organizers are a tool to aid in the organization of your tax related materials.  Tax Organizers are PDF formatted documents and require users to Print, Complete, and Return certain items from the Tax Organizer.   
For the semi Tech-Savvy, feel free to scan and securely upload your completed and signed tax organizer documents as well as other pertinent tax information.  The Upload File button on the Home page is simple to use and facilitates secure uploads.  PDFs are preferred!  Pictures of documents will be rejected.   Very Important: when you have successfully uploaded all tax documents and you are ready for us to begin tax preparation, please send an email to notify us that you are ready for us to prepare your tax.

Although not preferred for security reasons, Existing Tax Clients may elect to receive their personalized tax packet by Mail.  Be sure to specify name, current address, and email address when making this request. 
Basic Tax Organizer

This packet contains the basic informational components, forms and required signature documents  (approx 8 pages).

Full Tax Organizer (select this option if you are a NEW CLIENT)

This Packet will contain all of the documents in the Basic Organizer plus more detailed Organizational pages for an Individual or Joint Tax Return (approx 12 pages).  

Mail Tax Organizer via USPS

We will mail your personalized tax organizer packet via USPS.  If you are a new client, please select an option above.

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