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Tax Services

Our firm has decades of combined experience in individual and small business tax preparation. Ranging from simple to complex, we seek to fully understand your tax situation not only for tax preparation but for tax planning and tax strategies that may be beneficial to you.  We examine every tax return for tax savings opportunities.  The ever changing nature of tax code makes it important to manage tax matters from year to year.  Good tax planning can influence the financial performance of a business as well as many households.  A consistent relationship with your tax services provider and good communication is key to successful tax planning.
Tax Preparation Services take many forms in the marketplace.  We are experienced and practical tax professionals.  All pricing for tax preparation is based on an hourly rate.  We do not price by the number or types of tax forms we prepare for you.  At any time, we are happy to discuss rates, workflow, policies, and expectations.  Please ask.  Most new clients are generally pleasantly surprised by our level of service and fee structure - especially individuals coming to us from large franchise based tax prep companies. 
As is the case with most Tax Professionals these days, we utilize comprehensive tax specific software for tax preparation and electronic filing of tax returns.  We also offer each client a "Client Portal" for 24/7 secure online access to your tax documents.
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