Consult Services

Software and Training
We have expertise to help most clients with Setup, Training, Implementation, and Issue Resolution related to accounting software.  Most commonly, our clients use Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online, and Peachtree.  Many of our clients have industry specific or task specific software that integrate with their accounting software.  We can help establish processes for good accounting practices and and outside software integration and utilization with accounting software.
Audits and Reviews
This firm does not perform Audits.  We can and do perform Reviews (usually Contractor's License Reviews) on a very small scale and with a defined number of Review engagements each year.  If you need a Review, don't hesitate to inquire with us.  Availability within the firm for new Review Engagements is rare because of the Review deadline conflict with Tax Season.
Investigative Projects
From time to time, we provide services best described as investigative.  Investigative projects to examine suspicion of fraud; the evaluation of accounting standards for shareholders; investigative work on behalf of a legal proceeding; and other types of special projects requiring accounting expertise.  These engagements vary widely.  Inquiries are always welcome and confidential.