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About Tax Organizers

Tax Organizers are meant to be an organization tool for our Clients.  They are not "data entry" forms for us.  We do not require our clients to complete the Tax Organizer in it's entirety. 


The only required items from the Tax Organizer are:

  • a signed Engagement Letter

  • a completed and signed Tax Questionnaire

We prepare 2 types of Tax Organizers - Generic and Personalized Tax Organizers.

Personalized Tax Organizers are available to you if we prepared your tax return for the prior tax year.  These Tax Organizers are unique to each Client and contain Client specific information.  You may login to your portal and retrieve these documents at your convenience.

Not everyone has a Client Portal.  If you are a recent new client or have not accessed your Client Portal in a while - you may not have a Client Portal.  To request one, use the CONTACT button in the Main Menu and send an email with your request.  Client Portals are helpful by providing secure online access to your tax information 24/7.


When you log in, you may see 2 folders.  Check both folders for your Tax Organizer documents.

If you’ve successfully logged in and don’t see your Tax Organizer, please contact us via the Contact button above and we will resolve the matter.

Generic (blank) Tax Organizers are available to any client, new or existing.  You do NOT need a login to access these Tax Organizers.  They contain no personal information. 


Click on INFO in the Main Menu and TAX ORGANIZER PACKETS.  You will have a choice to download a packet containing the “Basic” information or a more detailed “Full” packet. 


New Clients should download the "Full" packet as it contains additional forms needed to prepare your return.


Existing Clients that don't want or need a personalized Tax Organizer can use the BASIC Tax Organizer Packet.  It contains the minimum required documents referenced earlier.


Joint tax return filers receiving Tax Organizer notifications may receive email directed at both taxpayers.  Joint filers will have one Tax Organizer and one Client Portal.  If you have any problems or questions, please contact us.

To View and Download/Print your Personalized Tax Organizer

Click CLIENT LOGIN on the lower left side of the Home page

Enter your login credentials to access your Tax Portal (see login credentials section below)


Click on FOLDERS then SHARED FOLDERS in the left-side menu bar.


You may see more than 1 folder with your name on it, look in both folders for the Tax Organizer documents.


Once you’ve navigated to your tax organizer folder, you should find 2 PDF files related to your Tax Organizer. 

Print both files. 

File 1: A Required Documents file containing required items for completion and signature. 

File 2: A personalized Tax Organizer containing references to last year’s tax information.


From the portal, you can View, Print or Download any document in your portal.


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