About Portals

A Portal is your personal document and file storage space accessible from our Website.  It is free to clients.


Our portal is managed by a large third party provider called Sharefile.  They are in the business of providing online storage and online collaboration resources for accounting, finance, healthcare, banking and other industries that require an extremely high level of data safety and security.

If you are a current client of Regina Young CPA, we are happy to setup a portal for you.  If you don't already have a portal and would like to request one, simply click on the CONTACT button in the main menu and send us an email.  We will set you up ASAP and send you an invitation to activate your account.

Once Activated, your portal is available to you 24 x 7 x 365.

How we use Portals:

  • Upon client request, we can upload Tax Returns and other documents to your portal.

  • We store your personalized Tax Organizer in your portal.

  • We archive accounting software backup files using your portal.

It is important to note - we do not automatically load your Tax Return to your portal.  If you want your tax return(s) available through the portal, please send an email requesting it.

To Login and Navigate your Portal

Navigate to the Home page of our website.

Click CLIENT LOGIN on the lower left side of the Home page

Enter your login credentials to access your Portal (see login credentials section below)


Click on FOLDERS then SHARED FOLDERS in the left-side menu bar.


You may see more than 1 folder with your name on it.

Typically, we create a folder for your Tax Organizers and a folder Taxes and other documents.

The contents of the Tax Organizer folder will be purged each year. 

The Tax folder contents are perpetual but are subject to purging if the folder becomes cluttered.  Especially if files are large, redundant, or stagnant.


From the portal, you can View, Print or Download any document in your portal.


Login Credentials


You will be assigned a username upon activating your account.

You will designate a password during the activation process.

USERNAME: the email address you have given us as your Tax Contact Email.

PASSWORD: this is a unique string of characters only known by you.


FORGOTTEN PASSWORD? go to the CLIENT LOGIN screen and click “Forgot Password?”

The system will step you through a reset of your password.

We cannot view or access your password.  Resetting passwords must be initiated by the individual possessing the email address used as the Username for the account.


Password complexity requirements may change from time to time.  The system may force you to update your password.