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Welcome to our Website!
If you are new to our firm or in the process of evaluating Tax and/or Accounting Services providers, this website should be helpful in gaining a better understanding of who we are and the services we offer.
If already familiar with our firm and website, welcome back!
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Tax Organizers are Completed and posted to the portal. 
Email notifications inviting clients to access Tax Organizers have gone out.
Tax Organizer delivery by USPS were mailed Jan 30 2024.

Tax Season Information
Scam Alert

Be Aware!  Tax Scams are common.


The IRS will NEVER contact you by automated msg nor demand urgent payment via prepaid card.

Client Portal

Would you like safe and secure access to your important financial information 24/7? 

Request Client Portal

Tax and ID Fraud

Tax Authorities may request Driver's License info.  This is a measure to help protect identities of taxpayers and prevent tax fraud. 

Click below to learn more.

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