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COVID-19 Information

CDC recommendations for COVID-19 precautions guide our office procedures.  We will implement changes as as local COVID-19 conditions change and as CDC guidelines change.  Spring 2022 procedures are as follows:


Nothing is more important to this firm than the health and well-being of our clients and staff.



  • Bearing in mind that some clients and staff fall into a High Risk demographic, if you have a fever or flu-like symptoms or fall into a High Risk demographic for COVID-19 …PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE OFFICE.

  • Use electronic delivery of documents if at all possible.  All physical documents received from outside our office will be quarantined for 7 days at a minimum.

  • Use this website's UPLOAD FILE function on the main page to upload documents securely.

  • Extensive use of Electronic Signatures will be implemented again this tax season.



  • At this time, our office has no plans to close and will operate normal business hours.

  • We are not taking meetings until further notice but are available by phone and email.

  • You may still drop your documents at our office - see info on Document Delivery below.

  • Watch our website for the most up-to-date information about office hours.



  • Tax Filing Deadlines have NOT changed.

  • We will update our website with any additional material changes to this subject.


Important changes effective immediately:



  • Face Masks required for ALL parties for any in-office interaction between Staff and non-Staff.

  • Staff hand washing will occur often and to CDC guidelines. 

  • We ask all clients planning to drop documents at our office to follow CDC recommended procedures for hand washing before handling documents and/or planning to visit the office.

  • Disinfecting measures have increased significantly especially in client traffic areas.



  • We are restricting non-Staff access to our office to the front reception area only.

  • If you have the ability, please use our options for electronic delivery of documents (see below for more details).

  • If in-person delivery is your only option, someone will greet you but document drop off will be brief.

    • Place your documents in a large envelope or manila folder.

    • Place documents in the designated box on the table in the reception area.

    • Complete the contact information form in our reception area.

    • After quarantine period, we will review your documents and contact you for anything additionally required to complete the return.

    • Person to person interactions will be brief and at a distance.

  • If you need an appointment, please email us and we will make arrangements for a phone or video call.


Important options for you to delay or avoid in-person visits to our office:



  • Our firm has never charged a fee for filing a Tax Extension on your behalf.

  • Individual tax extensions extend the deadline of your tax filing to October 15th 2021.

  • If you have questions about tax extensions or would like a tax extension, please email us.


  • You do not have to come to our office to deliver your tax documents.

  • We offer secure document upload via our website.

  • You do not have to have a portal to use the secure upload feature.

  • Simply go to our website and click UPLOAD FILE and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • A screen will ask you for your name and email addr, then the upload screen will present itself.

  • You may drag and drop or otherwise select the files you wish to upload.

  • When done, click UPLOAD and we will receive the files.  SAFE and SECURE.

  • We prefer you to upload PDF files.  Pictures from your phone cannot be accepted. 

    • There are Free and Low Cost iPhone apps to create PDFs using your phone or tablet. 

    • Adobe Scan – ScannerPro – CAM Scanner are just  a few apps available in the app store.



  • We will utilize options for Electronic Signature when possible.

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